Jasper-Pulaski Fish and Wildlife Area

Sandhill cranes foraging in bean stubble

Sandhill cranes foraging in bean stubble

November 20, 2017 – The last count posted for Sandhill crane numbers at Jasper-Pulaski Fish and Wildlife Area was November 14 showing 7,706. On Monday, numbers most certainly have grown with hundreds of new arrivals daily feeding and resting in the surrounding agricultural fields. Many hundreds can be seen at the Goose Pasture Viewing Area in the park. We are now in the peak viewing season for these noisy travelers with their unmistakable chorus of rattling and croaking sounds that fill the chilled November skies. I also spotted a juvenile and an adult Golden eagle patrolling the very windy skies Monday near the Goose Pasture. One photograph shows two adult Sandhill cranes foraging in bean stubble and the other photo shows a young Golden eagle with the bright white tail feathers and the distinct white parts under the wings, the adult Golden eagles being mostly dark.

Young Golden eagle

Juvenile Golden eagle

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  1. Douglas Conover

    I was extremely surprised to see that same bird when I made my first visit to J-P last November. When I first saw it, it was sitting in the road. At first I thought it was a large turkey or an immature bald eagle. When I got out of my car to take a look it flew right over my head and I was surprised to see that golden brown head. I got a couple of pictures but only with my cell phone and later identified it as an immature by the white tail and wing patches. It was the first time I was ever able to positively identify a Golden eagle in Indiana!


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